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Madam Jocelynn looked down at her book, studying the quest list. Studying who had what rooms and what rooms were still empty. "I believe I can arrange a 2 bed room. The beds aren't as nice how ever." she said. Unsure if they would even care. But she started to scribble something in the ledger. Short 3 to 5 word descriptions of the two. "It's 5 gold each for the night and 5 for any meals you want, alcoholic drinks are priced by order. I have to have that brought in so cost needs covered I am sure you understand." she explained. Looking back at the two and then slightly left, standing behind them at the door was the massive man watching them, then Jocelynn as if they were speaking with out words. "Please come let me know when you would like to eat, the kitchen closes when the moon is a quarter the way in the sky." she told them. Since she didn't own a way to tell time really didn't matter here she used the length of day and night as her clock. Guest came mostly at evening and nights and left at late morning nothing really needed an accurate time.

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