Forested Detainment

-Dalen Forest, Near Ragodast, early evening, 0 DSTR-

Reports had fed through the ranks that the trio had split up, or at least that one of them had run off from the other two. No matter how it happened or why, there was one central trail that connected the fractures group and Adisla intended to use that trail as her initial capture point. Her spies had reported seeing the female riding in a hurry along this trail without the company of the mage or vampire. She had quickly moved several of her pikemen to intercept any future horse traffic while deploying a larger force of swordsmen into the woods nearby, it was very unlikely the woman would come back along the trail, so the swordsmen would intercept her while she was guiding her horse through the tightly packed underbrush.

The pikemen were a group of ten and they were deployed along the trail, settled behind underbrush and behind trees to maintain a broken line of sight with the trail. They would hear a rider coming from fifty yards, but the rider would not see them until the trap had been sprung. The trap would be a multi-sided ponder, first to block the initial line of traffic and then to surround the rider. They were deployed over a ten yard front, with three on either end and four in the middle. The two groups of three would be with each other and the group of four was split, with two on each side of the road. If a rider came along the trail, the farthest trio would deploy first to stop the rider. After the rider came to a halt, the four would come along the sides and then the final trio would come from the rear.

As if to test their training, a runner had come by them with news that the woman was mounting her horse and headed their way. Giving thanks to Private Busy, the pikemen gathered themselves and made ready to pounce on the blonde rider.

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