People Who Know

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When Cordelia brought the orange juice to them, he smiled up at her and mouthed his thanks. Having her stand close beside him he fought hard the temptation to run his hand up the back of her legs or to just scoop her into his lap. And he left the juice sitting there on the table, for now.

Tyreth sat back in his chair, almost causing it to rock on its back legs as he shook his shaggy blonde hair and smiled. He held up a hand and gave a dismissive wave to the necklace. His whole demeanour reverting back to his normal relaxed and jovial bearing. "No, I won't be needing your necklace nor your mages. The extra cost is the last thing that we need financially and would make our repayments that much longer, something which you have just commented on."

The blonde knight leans forward and slides the orange juice in front of Randel, "Here, have a taste... I can assure you nothing has been done to it.... Which is kind of the point, it has been grown naturally, no magic no nothing and it tastes better for it. I have had food and drink which has been cultivated like that and it only has the hint of a flavour nothing like ours and the same goes for the cider range. This also applies to the local farmers around here, I could give you an egg from Jules hens if you like and the yolk is pure golden compared to pale yellow. If I knew you were coming I would have given you a taste test for you to see by yourself. The thing is will food be neatly packaged, looking exactly the same and tasting of nothingness? But where will this end, cows..? sheep...?"

He gives a pause as he leans back again shooting Cordelia a glance and a smile and a soft look. In his peripheral vision he could see her fidgeting and at one point he thought she was turning into a ruby to match her collar before the blush died down. He promises himself that he must spend some time with her, maybe a stroll through the grounds later.

He then turns his attention to Randel again, "I once knew a woman, who was basically at one with nature, far parts of the realm which was under threat, and she said not to mess with nature as it gives what you need and more as long as you give it the respect which it needs. I think I knew what she meant, its like those pests which you mentioned, they are needed in the life cycle, as part of it involves the bees which pollenate the flowers on the trees and they need others within that cycle which don't seem relevant because its all interlinked."

Tyreth looks to Giselle and Cordelia pointedly, "You asked if I know how to run this place.. The answer is I have loyal people who do, and the women who have remained have had plenty of chances to leave before now. The thing is, this place is at what I would call point zero, and the only way is up and you are an elf, you have plenty of time on your hands."

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