Artem put on a friendly smile at the sight of this unexpectedly beautiful young woman who opened the door. "Hello. I'm sorry if I interrupted you. I'm looking for a person and would like to as if you might have seen her passing by." he said in his most polite manner, though it was easy to hear that he wasn't from such a high social class as she obviously was or at least were used to be around.
He then reached for a scroll he had in his pocket and showed it to her. It was as very well drawn picture of Sabina. "This is the Lady Hibiscus daughter, Ms. Sabina Hoyt Hibiscus. She went missing a couple of days ago and is believed to have traveled this way. Have you by chance seen her?" he looked at her while asking the question, ready to read her expression to see if she were telling the truth or not.

In addition to all this it annoyed him a bit that she blocked the door in such a way that it was impossible to look past her to see what the inside of the house looked like. If only he could get a glance of what the house looked like, then it might be worth a visit another time if he needed some extra money. On the other hand, this woman seemed to be well educated so she had to have at least a few things of value anyway.

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