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Posted by : Enderslayer on Jan 10, 2018, 2:12pm
Okay, I should have asked this when making shade, What kind of relationship ( if there is one) does Shade have with Aello, because that's Jaxx's character, so I kinda want Jaxx to get his yes' and no's.

Answer: Sorry Enderslayer, but I am not using Aello as a playing character so there is no point in making your uber demon connected to her. I thought I put a note on her BIO when I made her. Job/Skill: NOTE *(This character will rarely be used in action since she is powerful, but she has a lot of kids who will come into play like Jack and Auriel)*
She is a powerful character and is only being used as a reference for her children since it would be no fun to use a super powerful creature like her in any game. The only time I will use her is in a flashback or similar conversation with her kids. I am sure Silver Cloud doesn't want any Power Gamers.


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