The Hunt Begins

-Dalen Forest, East of Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

Thierri chuckled softly as he saw the wolf mimic his head tilting, his eyes narrowing as his cheeks pushed them up. Shaking his head, he sat up and watched the wolf's display at his excitement for the hunt. Debating on transforming so that he could more fully enjoy the thrill of the hunt, he decided it would be best to stay as he was. Werewolves could be confused for a large wolf, but in his bear form, there could be no confusion. No, he would stay as he was and make sure to stay in visual contact.

Standing as Wolf pushed into the underbrush, Thierri checked the straps of his pack and scabbard. Satisfies, he threw the strap of his shield across his chest and settled the shield itself over his back. Shifting his shoulders to allow the weight to settle comfortably, he was striding towards the underbrush when Wolf stuck his head back out. Laughing softly, he made an ushering gesture to tell the animal to go back into the underbrush.

Following behind, he raised a hand to keep any low branches from smacking him in the face. As they made their way through the underbrush towards another, larger tree line, Thierri breathed in deeply, his nose picking up the scent of the herd he had smelled before. Smiling as he noticed the air came from the east, farther into Dalen territory, he began walking that way, taking up an angle that would allow him to glance through the underbrush and pick his target.

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