Busy Bees Buzzing

-Dalen Capital, Valade Estate. Evening, 2 DSTR-

Gularzob grew quiet as Kalena spoke her disagreement regarding his statement about the effectiveness of a sabre against plate armor. He knew that suits of plate armor had weak points, but to maximize the damage dealt to them with a sword, the attacker would need to half-sword and use a sword with a nicely tapered tip. A sabre could possibly be half-sworded, but it would be working against every advamtage of the sword and applying stress to locations that are not normally stressed. However, he did not wish to cause any more additional issues with the hostess and instead followed her in silence to the sparring room.

Gularzob moved over to the wall of practice weapons and ran his fingers over them as he studied them. He had never been a fan of blunted swords for training. When orcs trained at the stronghold, they used true blades to teach the fighters respect for their weapons. It led to accidents, but the healers could easily patch up the injured children. Glancing between Kalena and Kline as she spoke of the possibility of them sparring, he turned with a slight spark of interest. The spark was flooded by a bucket of embarrassment and insecurity, however, when Kline nearly immediately turned down the offer. Lowering his chin as he focused his eyes on a padded mace, he lifted the weapon to see how its weight compared to the real thing. Rotating it easily around his wrist, he did a few practice flick swings before setting it back into place. Glancing between the two, he smiled before speaking, "I think we should leave the sparring for you and Lafayette. The swords you choose allow for a more extravagant show, but myself and Kline would have no showmanship within our spar."

Nodding, he strode away from the two and found a perfect position against the wall to lean on. It was near a support column so it would easily withstand his weight, and it awarded him a clear view of the room and the show that would soon be coming. Watching the two swordsmen arming and armoring for the spar, he noticed a few of the Baron's men placing bets on the outcome of the bout. Smiling slightly, he shook his head and settled in against the wall to watch the swordplay begin.

He was impressed with the speed that they exhibited in their moves against each other, but he could not help but identify the moves that could have been done differently to force a kill. He also found himself applying a few more combatants and imagining how it would effect their movements. Would either of them be able to perform in the press of mass combat or would they be another body to step over on your advance forward? He glanced over towards the other woman as she called out like some sort of young girl watching a jousting match. Pursing his lips in annoyance as she called out at the end about killing one hundred men, his eyes shot to Lafayette at his comment of the savagery of such an action. Narrowing his eyes, he spoke in a soft voice that would only be hard by those close to him, "I would not say that fight for survival would mean you are a savage."

Gularzob stayed to the side of the room as Kalena expressed her ability to spar without ruining her clothes. Smirking slightly, he imagined how his friend Lars would react to seeing one of her dresses being worn during a sparring match. Chuckling softly, he nearly missed the Count's entrance, but he offered him a slight nod when he was introduced. Following Kalena to the dining room, he found a place to sit and began eating, having little to add to the conversation and instead listening as it turned towards treachery. He was rather enjoying the meal when suddenly there was a shriek coming from the guest house.

Pushing himself away from the table quickly, he followed the Baron's men towards the guest house. When everyone arrives, he stayed mainly to the rear, his arms crossed over his chest. His height gave him a vantage point to view the crime scene without having to step in front of people. Glaring down at the Count as he spoke nonchalantly of the young man's murder, Gularzob kept a hold on his tongue and chose instead to simply watch quietly.

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