-Dalen Capital, Lower Quarter. Night, 2 DSTR-

Lafayette studied the door. Looking at the complex runes with a shrug, "I do not know anything about magic. But we could just blast the door open." he suggested, his voice indicating how sick and fed up with it was tonight, and if any more of those green clothed freaks showed up after what the two did to Eliza, he would kill them. Guilty by association.

Eliza looked at Kline as he barked orders, she was already ready to sob before but now she was breaking down. She was starting to sob, she did not know what to do. But one of the remaining watchmen helped get her on a horse to go get a healer. One of the watchmen approached Kalena. Whispering something to her. Seeming to ask here a question.

The man rode off taking Eliza with them. To get her home and get a healer. They knew a few places they could go but it wasn't sure who to seek out something like this, needed discretion. A healer who could be trusted, or at least someone who knew a thing or two about poison.

(Sorry it's short)

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