Son of Perdition -End of the Night

Santiago grinned as Isla started to feel the effects of drinking too much. Once in a while one needed that. To let go of worry and concerns. To stop thinking and just feel and live without regrets...

He looked into the flames and answered in a low tone.
"The world has not changed that much in the last eight years. There were wars everywhere. People dying and leaving pretty much like we did... I was a soldier..." He stopped himself because he knew that conversation would only simply lead to more depressing thought.
"I used to dance for fun. I can dance the Tango." He wondered if she knew what it was... " I used to do deep sea diving and I liked fishing..." he laughed imagining another world. A world she barely managed to see before the Fall.

Others started to leave the circle around the fire. Duncan's wife help the old man back back into the complex and a few of the other man moved back into the guarding posts.
It was getting dark. The fire was burning low. The weather was turning cold again.
He picked up a nearby guitar and strum some low cords together...

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