Son of Perdition - Clues

Santiago took the info the soldier supplied and considered how it added to what he already knew. He could sense the man's fear but knew he was not sharing all he could.
The smell of cooked meat entered his nostrils, reminding him he had not eaten in almost 24 hours. He looked at the young man and wondered what it would feel like to smell your own flesh cooking. A couple of days and he would have gotten all his secrets. He stepped to the side in a quick flash and stabbed the scalpel into the soldier's jugular, moving quickly to avoid the arterial spray of blood that rushed out. He died in less than a minute.

The Cuban moved to cut the restrains so that the blood would not set around the wrists. The body fell to the floor in a pool of blood. Nothing would be left behind in case his body was found to suppose that this had been anything but the work of cannibals. He cut some more strips of the body's back and chest and laid it on the burning fire. He too his eyes out and sliced his fingers off as well as is tongue. If anyone came across the body it would simply seem that someone had ran away before they could consume the body. That was very unlikely. Most likely the rats or the foxes would get to it first.

Santiago took the soldiers boots, rations and side arm. He knew someone he could barter it with for some home made hooch. He made his away out of the derelict carpark into the cold night. The sounds of wild dogs barking in the distance carried by the bitter wind.
Not long now to contact his handlers. And he had a new name for them. General Maddox...

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