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Summary: Nexus 8 soldier model with pacifistic tendencies.


Gender: Female

Age: 33

Group: Replicants (Tyrell Series)


Soldier (formerly).




A tall, slender woman with intense eyes and short hair. She often is seen wearing a large bomber jacket and baggy cargo pants. She has a couple scars from failed attempts by blade runners to retire her.


Swift is kind and compassionate. After spending most of her time off world in combat she had chosen to live the rest of her life as a pacifist, however when push comes to shove she will use her combat training and strength to evade capture, but strictly refuses to kill.


She is very fond of collecting old books and loves to read.

Brief History

Swift was a Nexus 8 sent off world shortly before the Black Out in 2022. She spent seven years in wars on numerous worlds, before she met a rogue replicant named Orville who opened her eyes to a world beyond war. She chose to stop fighting and fled to Earth in the hopes of making a more peaceful life for herself. However, she has had numerous run ins with blade runners, only barely managing to escape with her life.

Despite this, she remains a strict pacifist. Resorting to incapacitating her would-be killers in every encounter. Sometimes at great cost to herself.


Her refusal to kill anyone has resulted in a blade runner hounding her for several months. Not to mention means she is facing foes who are more than willing to kill her, where she resorts to nonlethal methods. She has five bullet scars to show the price she's paid for her pacifism.


A pair of batons are her weapon of choice when forced to fight.

Favourite Sayings

"Don't make me hurt you."

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Image of Swift
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