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Summary: A very robotic replicant and effective Blade Runner


Gender: Male

Age: 5

Group: Replicants (Wallace Series)


Blade Runner




Appears as a handsome young man with dark hair and eyes.


Dakota is often emotionless. He is simply focused on his job and nothing else.

However when off duty he allows himself some small comforts. Such as watching television.


At home he enjoys watching old cartoons. He is very fond of Porky Pig.

Brief History

Dakota has known nothing but being a blade runner his entire life. He is highly effective at retiring his own kind, executing them with little remorse, yet no malice. However he has been currently tasked with hunting and retiring a Nexus 8 going by the name of "Swift" who has managed to evade him on numerous occasions.

A recent standoff with her left Dakota at her mercy, yet she chose to spare him. Why he doesn't really understand. However it's beginning to bother him more and more.


He doesn't quite grasp the concept of right and wrong. All he knows is the job, and as such sees the retiring of rogue replicants as nothing but a function he carries out.

His emotional flatness belies a child-like sense of the world that isn't quite realistic.


Standard issue police blaster, a 2049 Blade Runner special.

A police spinner with detachable drone for recon and information gathering.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm merely carrying out my duty."

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Image of DT-752-909
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