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Summary: A replicant designed by the resistance and implanted with memories of an old friend.

Grace II

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Group: Replicants (Tyrell Series)


The original Grace was designed for espionage and combat. To put it simply: she was a spy. The current Grace retains her skillset and memories.




Grace has the appearance of a woman in her early twenties, with short blonde hair and blue/green eyes.


Due to her past as a spy she has deep seated issues with trusting others, yet values those whom she feels she can trust. Originally highly paranoid, her time with Bullock soon smoothed her rough edges and she is overall more friendly than she once was (though some may assume it is a side effect of her memory implants).


Grace is very fond of photography and has an old polaroid camera she uses to snap pictures of things that interest her.

Brief History

Grace's history is a tumultuous one. The original Grace was a Tyrell designed Nexus 8 intended for espionage and combat. She spent many years infiltrating military and corporate complexes on numerous off world colonies. However, she eventually slipped the net when she was to be recalled and returned to Earth to join the resistance.

It was here she eventually ran into blade runner Dave Bullock, whom was attempting to track down a rogue splinter group of her own rebel cell who had committed a series of bombings. She seduced Bullock and drew him into a trap to take out both the splinter group and Bullock himself. However, she and Bullock ended up falling in love and she defied the orders of her superior, Pierce Faucon.

The two went on the run, being hunted by both the rebels and the blade runners until Faucon opted to forgive them and help them evade capture. However, this ended up being a ruse, as Faucon had used them as bait for another trap. The resulting explosion killed Grace and crippled Bullock.

However this wan't the end, it turns out Faucon had managed to save a copy of Grace's memories and implanted them into a newly created replicant. This replicant would be known as Grace II.


Being a replicant designed by replicants, she isn't entirely stable. She is prone to lapses in memory and can have sudden outbursts of emotion.


A standard blaster commonly seen in the hands of resistance fighters.

A knife she typically hides on her person.

Favourite Sayings

"Sometimes I don't know who I am at all."

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Image of Grace II
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