Swift bolted down the narrow alley and into the main street. She collided with an obese man carrying groceries, foodstuffs flew up into the air and people gasped in surprise. The man fell, swearing and kicking his arms and legs. He looked rather like a overturned tortoise. Swift tumbled a couple of times before she quickly recovered and continued her mad sprint down the street.

She reached another alley way and darted down it, vaulting over some trash bins with the grace of an Olympian athlete. Swift didn't know if the runner was still on her tracks. No doubt he had a drone in the air, it was a standard piece with these new ones, she'd need to get down into the subway system if she ever hoped to lose him.


Dakota gazed down at the street below from his spinner. He turned to look at the monitor, the drone had watched her swim into the intake pipe. It had lost her then.

"Give me a schematic of the treatment facility," he said. The screen switched to a 3D map of the water treatment plant inside the sea wall. It took Dakota a fraction of a second to scan the whole image and find the likeliest exit she would take. "Track. 183rd street." The drone took off over the sea wall before dipping down until it was just above the street. Already Dakota could see some of the havoc she had left in her wake. The drone made its way down the street, following the commotion. "Stop." Dakota said.

The drone stopped just in front of an alley. "Down that alley. Intercept mode."

The drone turned and started down the alley. Dakota could see her racing down it already. The drone's weaponry unfurled and opened fire as it followed in pursuit.


Concrete from the wall next to Swift exploded into shrapnel. She ducked into a small nook in the opposite wall and covered her face as more bullets pelted the walls sending more debris raining down into the alley. The drone advanced, its engines making a menacing hum. Swift looked around. She couldn't flee down the alley any further without the drone laying waste to her. Her hand instinctively went to one of two security batons she carried on her at all times. She flicked it open. It wouldn't help much. She cursed under her breath. Her eyes darted back and forth, looking for something, anything.

Then they fell on a manhole. She nodded and smirked. She jammed the baton into the small lip of the cover and began to open it.


Dakota had seen her duck behind a small corner in the side of the building. She was trapped. He looked more sad than anything else. He took to pleasure in his job, yet he also didn't feel any sympathy for those he hunted. However, this one was different. She had spared him, and he didn't know how to take that.

"Terminate target." He said plainly.

He watched as the drone reached the nook she was hiding behind. She was there. She was holding something. Dakota frowned, perplexed. She hurled the manhole cover at the drone and the feed was cut. Dakota stared at the static snow on the screen.

He didn't know how to take that.


The manhole cover cleaved the drone in two. It sparked and exploded and collapsed into a burning pile of metal in front of Swift. She smirked and continued to run down the alley.


Dakota urged his spinner to make a tight turn and dove down towards the street. He stopped at the end of the alley and drew his blaster before casually dropping out of his spinner and into the alley below.

He landed, used his knees to absorb the shock, and looked up at the rogue replicant in front of him. She had skittered to a stop just a few feet in front of him. Their eyes met. Dakota raised his blaster.

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