Love Blooms In The Darkest Places

Bullock and Grace made their way through the dark, underground tunnels. It was pitch black, aside from the small beam of light from Bullock's torch. Yet Grace seemed unfazed by the darkness and walked ahead of Bullock confidently as if she could see as clear as day. Chances were, she could.

"It's this way." Grace told him.

"How do you know?" Bullock asked.

"We scouted the place out before the scavs moved in." Grace told him.

They continued down a ways before coming to a large, metal door. Sealed. Bullock scanned the door, it was like an airlock on a submarine or a ship. Grace was already at work turning the large valve handle. The metal screeched and groaned, yet Grace turned it with relative ease. The bolts unlatched with a loud *chunk!* and Grace pulled the door open. Beyond was a narrow concrete corridor. She turned and smiled at Bullock.

"I missed this," she said.

"What?" Bullock asked.

"Doing stuff like this, with you."

Bullock couldn't fight back the small smile forming on his face. "Me too."

It was so easy. Despite the fact that she looked and sounded different this woman, despite being a replicant copy, felt like his old Grace. And David didn't want to admit it, but he was quickly falling in love with her all over again.


"So this whole place is inhabited by replicants?" Swift asked Simone.

"More or less. There are a few humans here who sympathize and help fight for the cause."

"You're part of the rebellion?" Swift said in surprise.

"Of course," Simone said, matter of factly. "I assumed you were too."

Swift shook her head. "I don't fight. Not anymore."

"You will fight again, it is only a matter of time. Events are unfolding as we speak and Wallace is still reeling from a major loss some years prior. Now is the time."

"I don't fight." Swift told her.

"You were made to fight, my dear." Simone said.

"But I choose not to. Not if I can help it."

Simone regarded this with a bemused look then nodded. "If you say so. But we all can't run forever."

Swift finally felt the urge to dispense with the bullshit and stared at Simone intently. "Look, thank you for the help. I appreciate it, and if you like I can and will return the favor. But I won't kill anyone. Never again."

Simone smiled. "There are many alternatives to fighting."

Simone led Swift to one of the larger shacks and stepped inside. There she was faced with a small group of one-eyed replicants. They stared at her with their remaining eyes, as if scanning her like a relic from an ancient and forgotten era.

"So you are the one they found in the church? Half-dead and gone?" The oldest-looking male replicant, who had his legs replaced with crude cybernetic ones, said to her.

"Swift," Simone told him.

"Ah, a good omen indeed. We are in need of someone swift." The elder replicant said with a smile.

"What do you need?" Swift asked.

OOC: Figured I'd get a post in to try and get the creative juices going. I'm having some hard times over here and lately I haven't felt the desire to write anything, but I do still very much want to continue with this RP. It's just gonna be slow going, I'm afraid. I hope that isn't too inconvenient.

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