01022052 - 0600L - Homeward, Over the City.

Glory made it a point to glare at Naz almost the entire flight. No words were spoken but the expression was clear enough. It was that same familier expression Naz saw every year on one or two of the fresh faced rookies that had scored high enough to rank. New plastic toys fresh out of the box. Young, cocksure, hungry for action and more than a little eager to prove themselves better than those outdated models that had come before them.

It was the real driven ones that you had to watch out for as they tended to make those same rookie mistakes over and over again almost as soon as they got on the street. The same rookie mistakes that got them or someone else early retirement. Youth and Stupidity go hand in hand it seemed, even amongst replicants.

Final tired of the look Glory was giving her Naz sighed and returned a bored and unimpressed look of her own " Go on, say it ... You'll feel better once you do."

Glory frowned clearly not expecting the challange, uncertain it seemed of her response." He doesn't need you." She announced suddenly.

Naz nodded her agreement. " No, he really doesn't."

" I'm... " Glory frowned her annoyance. " I'm superior to you."

Again Naz nodded agreement. " In almost every measurable way if the product release reports are to be believed."

Glory's expression remained fixed." Honestly, I dont understand what he see's in you."

Naz for her part shrugged. " It's the novelty of the situation, I would imagine."

" I'm better suited for the task." Glory stated pointedly. " There was no need for your involvement."

Naz nodded her agreement. " Still, Mr Wallace did select me for a reason. From what I've heard he is not one to act on impulse alone."

Glory mellowed noticeably. " No, Mr Wallace does nothing without reflecting upon both cause and effect. For a human he is remarkably intelligent."

Naz nodded her understanding. " Than we ... both you and I, must put our faith in his decision. There is no doubt that for all of this there is both a purpose and reason."

Glory expression took on one of suprise however briefly at Naz's off comment. " Faith, I find it odd that you should say that."

Naz shrugged. " I've been around human's for far to long I guess. I've started adopting their belief in the unseen forces of the world."

"Honestly, a belief in God. How can you justify such a thing ?" Glory puzzled aloud.

"Not so much in a God, but I have seen things that make no logical sense or in some cases struck me as well beyond even being possible. What I have is a belief in the third option ... Something more in the workings of the world around us."

Glory gave Naz and odd look before finally speaking.

" We've arrived.... Would you object if I visited you again to talk and..." She frowned." I rarely have a reason to go out into the city and never by myself."

Naz shook her head feeling the craft begin its decent.

" I dont see why not. We will be working together a great deal moving forward. So a relationship of some kind must be developed. I dont see why you cannoy visit whenever you'd like."


OOC - Pretty burned out myself so I do understand. Best we can do is piece things together and move forward or not.

Honestly all of the groups I was with prior to Christmas appear to have died so it does tend to kill ones motivation.

You go at the pace want and we'll see where it gets us.

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