The Walls We Build

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Swift reached the spillway. The gunfire had subsided but she didn't dare surface for air. Instead she swam into the pipe and soon found herself in the sea wall. She was soon spewed into an open room with large pools collecting seawater, no doubt meant to help filter the water before it entered the city. She gasped and coughed and made her way to the edge of the pool. After pulling herself out onto the metal floor and heaving up some water she made her way to a flight of stairs and descended into the bowels of the treatment facility.

Swift wondered if it was the same runner from before. The one she had had dead to rights, but decided against killing him. She knew he too was a replicant. The irony that humans were happy to send a replicant to kill another not lost on her. She remembered how empty his eyes had looked, he knew nothing but the job. His eyes weren't all that unfamiliar to her own back when she was off world...

"You know nothing but killing."

Maybe he could see life differently, like how she eventually came to see it.

"There is more to life, you know. It isn't just a race to the end."

She reached a door that had the word "exit" written in three different languages. She put her hand on the lever and stopped. She took a couple breaths. Water dripped from her and onto the floor. Swift had to be ready for anything.

"Stop running, start walking."

She shoved the door open and bolted out into the light.

Los Angeles Skyline - Later That Day
Bullock sat in his newly procured spinner and slowly drained his bottle of hooch. He hated Vegas. The place gave him the creeps. The fact that it had been a nuclear wasteland for quite some time didn't help matters. Only those desperate to hide would risk it.

Which was why it was a preferred location for many replicants.

He finished the bottle and settled in for the journey to Vegas. A couple hours later and the spinner landed on the outskirts of Vegas. Everything was bathed in an eerie orange haze, and the place was completely silent. Bullock shook his head and stepped out of the spinner and looked to his cybernetic arm, which had a small screen in the bottom of his wrist.

"Radiation." He said. The screen came up and said: NOMINAL. Which probably meant he'd live to fight the eventual cancer he'd develop. He shrugged and marched on into the city. According to the data on the recorder he had received, the replicants he was meant to protect were hiding in an old casino not far from where he was. Flying in via the spinner would draw too much attention, walking was the better option.

As he made his way into the ashen wastes he felt like he was being watched. He checked his arm monitor, not far now. His other hand fell to his blaster, and he opted to draw it to save time should he get jumped.

In the distance he heard the sound of children playing, their voices echoing through the myriad of empty buildings and hollowed statues.

"Alright... I'm officially spooked." He said to himself, mostly to ease his nerves.

He pressed on, his instincts telling him nothing good awaited him here.


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