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Summary: I am the last son of Krypton

Clark Kent (Kal-El) / Superman

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Heroes

Superhero/villian Name



Super Strength
Super Speed
Super Hearing
Super Breath
Heat Vision
X-Ray Vision
Micro Vision


Cannot see through led
Has no powers without a yellow sun

Physical Appearance

Raven Black hair
Bright Blue Eyes

Personality and interests

Clark is an all American hero. He values justice over everything. His adoptive parents instilled a great sense of morality and personal responsibility in him, giving him the creed by which he would become the most iconic defender of the American way the world would ever know.


Clark, or Kal-El, was born on the war torn planet Krypton to a scientist father and mother. Upon discovering that the planet was doomed to die, Jor-El built a ship to carry his son to a safer world. A world where he wouldn't get hurt. Shortly after his departure, Krypton was destroyed. Clark landed in Smallville, Kansas two years later and was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. On their farm he would grow into an amazing, principled man.

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Image of Clark Kent (Kal-El) / Superman
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