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Summary: Aliens are not our friends, they are invaders.

Lex Luthor

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Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: Villains

Superhero/villian Name



Genius Intellect
Near infinite resources
Robotic Supersuit


Normal human weaknesses

Physical Appearance

Blue eyes

Personality and interests

Lex is a billionaire and devout transhumanist. He inherently distrusts anyone who isn't human or wears a mask. He believe himself to be the savior of mankind as we turn to false gods such as Superman. He works constantly to develop weapons capable of killing aliens, particularly Kryptonians.


Lex grew up as the neglected son of a billionaire. His father, Lionel, rarely showed him any affection after his mother died. Its likely that this neglect has created the insecurity problems he faces now.

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Image of Lex Luthor
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