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Summary: Not actually a villain, but doesn't take sides.

Casper L. Davis

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Gender: Male

Age: Mid forties

Group: Villains

Superhero/villian Name

The Deal Maker


Has a perfect memory of absolutely everything since he was fifteen. (You can imagine the advantages)

"Shadow Stepping" -he has the ability to dissapear into and travel through shadows. ((Edit) - this includes long distances and is similar to teleportation.) He has control over shadows, but he can't make them do anything physical.

The rest to be revealed. He doesn't tend to get mixed up in any action, so odds are none of his abilities will be relevant for a long time.


Loves games. Is a deal maker. Keeps promises. Doesn't lie, but may bend the truth.

Physical Appearance

(Imagine the picture is a lot older...)

A little on the short side, Casper has keen brown eyes and neat mahogany hair. He wears glasses and is usually dressed up. One thing that sets him apart is that he has a limp in his left leg that he uses a long black cane with a silver crow head handle for.

Personality and interests

He's not evil, but he's willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Ethics are on the back burner.

The thing about Casper is, he's a deal maker. He's someone you could legitimately sell your soul to in exchange for whatever your soul is worth, whether it be fame, power, wealth, or anything else. He doesn't just deal in souls though.

Though he seems to take matters very lightly and joke around, he is in fact very serious. When the situation calls, he can turn a room cold.

He can be very different depending on the situation and who he'said talking to, but he's usually always polite and professional.


Origins to be revealed, Casper started and is the head of a very large and successful company called ScareCrow. On the surface, ScareCrow specializes in medical science and technology, but has branches in just about everything.

On the underside, ScareCrow is the world's top researcher of 'supernatural' anomalies. Mutants, monsters, superpowers, even so-called magic. If it exists, ScareCrow wants to know everything about it.

The practice has been slowing down in the last decade, but ScareCrow also creates things and people with abilities for various purposes.

Years ago, you could probably catagorize him a bit closer to a villain, but he's changed.

(Casper has a close relationship with Falcone, though not in a criminal sense. Even Casper's adopted son, Daniel, knows him as "Uncle Carmine")

Casper isn’t exactly human. Details to be revealed.

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