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Summary: Daniel's


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Gender: Male

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Superhero/villian Name



Can attack like a ferret or possessed teddybear. He has plenty of sharp teeth.

He's capable of most everyday tasks.


Easily bored. Lazy.

Physical Appearance

(He should be smiling, but I was lazy and used the only picture I already had)

A foot and a half tall, Grimsby has brown fur and huge exaggerated features. Huge ears, huge eyes, and a huge mouth full of plenty of needle sharp teeth. He always has a huge smile. He couldn't hide his teeth if he tried.

He stands on his back legs and somehow uses his teddybear paws like hands. Grimsby also has a cute 'lil bunny tail.

(He sounds like JonTron)

Personality and interests

Grimsby serves as comic relief in every situation. He can have quite a bit of attitude and he doesn't like to be pushed around.


Origins unknown, Grimsby has served as something like Daniel's imaginary friend/teddybear since childhood. Real and physical, Grimsby's very purpose is to be Daniel's best friend. He does have some supernatural elements to him.

Since Daniel rarely had the opportunity to play with other children, Grimsby filled that role. Now that Daniel is grown up, Grimsby is still his best friend, striving to make sure Daniel is happy.

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Image of Grimsby
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