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Summary: I will not kill you, that is too easy. Instead I will break you, so that I shall be your bane..


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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: Villains

Superhero/villian Name



Serum induced super strength, agility, and durability
Peak physical condition
Grandmaster of multiple martial arts
Highly intelligent chemist


Bane is a human and susceptible to the same things as all humans.

Physical Appearance

6'8" (9'2" on Venom)
250lbs (660lbs on Venum)
Dark brown eyes

Wears tactical vests, large overcoats and a mask which discharges a pain killer to counter the effects of his V.E.N.O.M.

Personality and interests

Bane takes a lot of pride in his serum and enjoys experimenting with his body. He feels right at home in violence and chaos, often manufacturing it out of boredom. He despises authority and treats any sign of disrespect as a capital offense.


Bane (his true identity is unknown) was a military chemist, producing bio weapons for the Brazilian government. He had been secretly using their resources to create a super serum to enhance his physical abilities. Upon discovery the Brazilian gov't attempted to arrest Bane but failed in a notorious massacre at the airfield in Rio. Since then, Bane has been contracting as a mercenary around the globe, wreaking havoc and destruction.

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Image of Bane
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