Clark patted Crystal on the head. Her curiosity was insatiable.

"My ship was equipped to sustain me for the two year journey. When I landed here on earth back in 1989 I was adopted by a couple who protected my secret. I was very fortunate to have them. My father is here in essence. Our technology allows us to preserve consciousness outside the physical body. Stand here." He ushered Crystal over to a large symbol emblazoned on the ground, identical to the one on his chest. As they stood, the emblazon immediately lit up. A voice boomed all throughout the room, coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

"Eim juden Kal-El, ctho tys ergo firma ti terestya remo? Ak et ti impaum revranzi! Ni berut ara encomun oro vlet. Yui yarbo tys onus, ai tys vut-izaio yengamal? Femi? Dinsaba tys!"

"Viro, ka ni eim horen. Etam ya ka ergo tugurin, tei ka ensaz et veryn yui damir et onus ka hamon. Tei fetho malaka tys Anglitzi, ka vut-arba Kriiptonaiz." Clark appears noticeably uncomfortable at the sound of his father's voice.

"Human, my name is Jor-El. And who are you?"



Jor-El: Kal-El my son, why have you brought a human here? This is a sacred place! It must be hidden from them. How can I protect you if you will not listen to me? Well? Explain yourself!

Clark: Father, she is my friend. She has powers like I do and she wants to learn how to use them to protect her people. And please speak English, she doesn't understand Kryptonian.

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