Clark ushered Crystal to wait a little longer.

"Hold on, I promise no one wants to hurt you." He said as placed a hand on her shoulder.

Jor-El's voice echoed through the chamber once again.

"Human, my son tells me that you have abilities. When he was a child, he came here to master his own. If you trust him, I will allow you access to the training arena. It is my assumption that Kal-El has taken you as an apprentice. If you desire to leave, you may. Though if you walk out that door, it will never be open to you again."

"Father, don't do that. You need to be patient with her."

"I'm sorry my son, but I cannot allow her to exploit this place-"

"And she won't. Father, I came here alone, but at least I had my adoptive parents. If it weren't for them, who knows what I may have become. Crystal doesn't have that. But what she does have is a desire to help. To use her abilities as I do and make the world safer. Open the training arena father, and drop the ultimatum."

There was a deep grumble, then a small quake in the ground as the two northern walls opened to reveal another massive chamber. The ground was emblazoned in hundreds of strange symbols and glyphs.

"Crystal, are you ready?"

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