Party on

Sadie laughed and glanced over at Jeska for a second before looking back at the road "hell yea, I'm down for a party" it would also be a chance to meet some of the locals that showed up-hough that was part of the reason her sister had sent her to go fix up the old house instead of herself, she wanted Sadie to stop partying so much but it was looking like that idea was going down the tube. But it's not like she would find out from Sadie anyway. "I'll see you tomorrow then" she hollered at Jeska as she got out, she stayed parked long enough to get the number put into her phone before some of the numbers could get washed off somehow then she drove back to her dads house. Sadie got everything unloaded and put away then started throwing a lot of stuff in a late trash can in the backyard before she took the time to stand in the middle of the living room after she was done for the night to take in everything, she had her work cut out for her with everything that needed to be done to this place "fuck" she sighed while flopping down on the couch. She pulled out her cellphone and texted her sister letting her know she had started cleaning and had gotten some supplies already but got no text in return 'typical, Jade' she thought.

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