Bout time

(think I got caught up on the reading. Oh the party text, there is one in town who may not know the location actually. Lisa, new to the area and been gone for a few years. Anywho, if I miss anyone just remind me in OOC.)

Jason looks at her and smiles a little. Still making them nervous it seems. It brings back memories of the first time he had asked Christina out. And the memory makes him smile harder. If this turned out as well as that then it would be a good thing. He looks at the cup being poured smiling even harder. "Let me get that. Would say it's on me, but seems on you." He pays his bill then looks at Maggie. "I'll be back then after eight. Sure we can find something to do."

He goes outside then thinks to wait for his nephew.

Cody looks at Marley first. "So, be by later at your place.' Then he turns to Toby. "And glad I have your permission little buddy. It will be totally awesome." He looks at the food then. "Better grab this to go." After it's packed he meets Jason outside.

Jason turns to him then. "I'm going to head over to the Doc's place. Why don't you go by the farm see if Dave needs help."

Cody laughs. "If he's got his hands on a glue gun we may all need help." He laughs then drives off as Jason heads toward the Doc's place. Upon arriving he looks around.

"Smith, you home. Figure I should come by to let you know I'm going to need you soon to check my herd. Got Dave impregnating the heifers."
Hank looks at his phone as he waits seeing the text of a party. "Hell yeah, party with Jeska." He texts back. "Should I bring any entertainment."

As Marley brings his order he looks at her. "Thanks hon. Anyway, you need any extra money to get by you know where to find me. Even if not the norm you would look good on film, in magazines or even doing webcam stuff. I"ll see you around."

He climbs in his truck then begins driving. When he spots Jeska he pulls over. "The party girl herself. What you doing walking? Need a lift sugar?"
Julia looks at Trip as she gets settled back in the car. She laughs thinking of it all. 'I should go into real estate. Seriously. Anyway, if anyone knows about the land it will be Max. So we should go by the bank. Then to get the tractor before my dad has my hide for telling him I'd handle it, then not producing."

As they drive she looks at him. "If you're buying the property, guess we should talk. Afterall you'll have some acreage and with my skill we can make a pretty good profit off that land." She wants to ask if he would want her to move in but hesitates. She didn't want to come off as that girl that seem to go crazy with her boyfriends afterall. Then she thought of it. In truth she had a wild sex life but she never really had anyone like that before. "You know, you're the first. I've never had a boy or girlfriend before. Soccer took up my whole life back then. No time for it. Sex, sure, but nothing serious."
Heather looks at Colt then. "A few days. Only had so much cash afterall and I needed to watch every penny till I secured the necessities. Missing a few meals seemed the least to sacrifice. I mean, I'm sure I could've made money, but I didn't want to go down that road to obtain it."

Looking out the window she takes a deep breath loving the aroma. "Best thing I smelled in years. You never know it till it's gone but you do get to enjoy the smell of manure."

She thinks on what he says then smiles. "Well nothing to wild. Might need to define that one Colt. Cause seriously, in one area, how to have fun if can't get wild. Heck, I'm a bucking bronc in that area." She felt it could go unsaid what area she meant. Plenty of innuendo afterall.
VIc is enjoying it and likes the intensity of it all. She rides him hard and fast feeling herself gushing over as she looks at him. It had been a long time since she had it so well. Clay may be older but age was it's own reward. She kisses his head as she keeps riding needing this. "When you shoot don't pull out unless you want to." She didn't mind the least bit if he shot a baby into her. It would be pure and that meant a lot to her.
Marie enjoys it having a few orgasms before Max is done. As he turns to go she thinks of how it ended then stands. She grabs a wet cloth cleaning up then redresses hoping her customers don't know what had happened. The way it ended left her in doubt having heard it before. Most likely it was a one time deal. What that talk usually meant, but how to be sure. Simple, you can't unless he extends another invite.

She hears her phone then goes over looking at the text. Another of Jeska's parties. Should be interesting to say the least. She'd provide the booze at least. And a few trays of sandwiches. She texts this to Jeska to let her know. Then goes out front.

If anyone needed anything they would let her know. Though seriously what she could use was help. If Lucy hadn't been so young she would've done well here. Hopefully someone would apply soon. Guy, girl, made no difference to her.
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Lisa is pondering it still and knows she doesn't have much choice but to go see the bank. She hated it, but she would never get off the ground without a loan. She straightens herself up grabbing all her paperwork then walks over to the bank.

"Hi, I need to see someone about a loan?"

She takes a seat and waits then notes there was a party the next day. She looks at it, trying to recall the Ranch. Only thing came to mind though was that Ranch. "He advertises now? Man, this town has changed big time if Hank advertises over social media."
As they finish at the store Lucy notes a text. "Well give one thing to Jeska, when there's a party she wants everyone to know. So, care to go?"

Emily looks at it as she places the stuff she got in her trunk. "Is that the frosty bitch from earlier? If so hell yeah. Show her up for being such a bitch to you."

Lucy smiles then thinks on it. "Shit, it's tomorrow night. And I won't know if I'll feel like it till after work. This bites. So anyway, follow me to home so I can get the stuff in the fridge then I'll show you around."

Emily smiles looking at that cute butt. Following her, like that plan she thinks. Follow that anywhere.

At the Brady farm Dave hears his phone as he's in the middle of another cow. After finishing he looks at it then smiles. "Jeska's throwing a party. Hell yeah. Might be busy today, but tomorrow hopefully I'll have Jeska to lift my spirits." Then he thinks of the last time he had hoped on that. "As long as Julia and Lucy don't get in my again."

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