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Summary: Kill for me and i'll pay you, try to kill me and i'll make you pay

Vinth Corvin

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Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Assassin

Physical Apperance

6'2 foot tall, average built, messy brown hair, grayish-blue eyes. scars along his forearms and neck. limps due to injury on his left leg.

Weapon Of Choice

Sword concealed in his walking stick


black pants, white shirt, black suit jacket and black shoes.


Calm and Confident


as the son of a businessman, Vinth was well of, but one day he over headed that his father was doing some shady business with the mod, he hired an assassin to kill his father. After seeing how easy it seemed for the assassin to make money he went into the assassination business himself, however not as an assassin.

First Person Killed

Michael Corvin

Latest Person Killed

Police officer Claren

Kill Count

Responsible for more than 100


Grand Master

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Image of Vinth Corvin
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