This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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-Post at leas once every three days, if you are inactive for a week you will be kicked and you character will become an NPC.
-Unless you want to be a cop, don't change the character group from Citizen to anything else.
-You can swear, as long as it is not directed at another Player.
-Your character will receive Contracts from the Grand Master or the Chief of Police. upon successful completion you will be rewarded, either with as main Story related mission on a new title/rank.
- the police uses military ranks, and the Associations are from lowest to highest: Initiate, Nuisance, Executioner, Specter, Red-Hand and Grand Master.
-The "Main Story" is pre-written, but can change.
-There will be no do-overs or restarts.
-Try and make you character interesting and/or funny.
-a good sense of humor would be appreciated

this world has primitive guns, nothing with a magazine though.
The city of Arell is separated into five districts. there are other cites but the game only plays in Arell. weapons are not illegal or controlled in Arell. There are many corrupt diplomats and business men in the city, and all the criminal organizations aren't helping either.
Factory district: Self explanatory, most of the Factories are here.
Sanctum district: This district houses all the different Churches, the Police Station and most of the richer residences.
Red district: The slums, the poor and criminals live here, the Prison is also here.
Gold district: Houses most of the shops and Markets in the City, the only Hospital is here.
green district: despite it's name, there is no green. Most middle class citizens live here, the Association is positioned here, so is the City Hall.

In Arell they mainly use bronze, silver and gold coins. One hundred bronze is equal to one silver,ten silver is equal to one gold. (The value of one silver would be about One$US . So a bronze is 1 Cent, and a gold is 10 dollars.)