Did People Forget How To Open Doors?

A loud firm knock came from the door to the sewers. Kara looked up at Vinth, who was sitting in a chair on a raised platform. The room was vastly different from the sewers. It was quite large, about the size of a small market place.
Vinth nodded and Kara opened the door. Outside was a young man, wearing goggles.
“Well come on in...wouldn’t want that stink getting in here would we?”
Ambrose stepped inside, Kara closed the door behind him and pointed at Vinth. There was another young boy of about fifteen standing in the centre of the room.

Vinth stood up and spoke
“One of you will have the opportunity to earn a LOT of money. The other...”
“We’re not paying for the funeral!!!”
Kara said.
“Just get this over with...You two fight to the death...Winner gets a job!”
Vinth sighed.
“Yes...What she said”
Vinth was quite disappointed, he had spent an hour figuring out that speech and now it all went to waste.
“When you’re ready...”

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