We Have Money... You Want Some?

Vinth opened the door to the sewers. A young woman was standing outside.
“You must be Katherine right? Come in come in.”
He pulled Katherine in and shut the door behind her.
He waved over a large bald man who was standing in the middle of the room.
“Now... We are currently a little undermanned and are in dire need of...Contractors...However we need to know that you can fight, so you don’t die on your first assignment...makes sense right?”
Vinth paused and checked to make shire both of them were armed. The large bald man was carrying a flintlock pistol. Katherine was also carrying a small pistol and a small dagger.
“You two will fight to the death. The winner will get a nice new job.”
Vinth turned and walked for his chair. He stopped and turned again.
“Oh and if you refuse to fight we will assume you are ok with dying... alright on ya go”
Vinth thought that went quite well, he had planned to use the speech that he prepared but he thought it would work better if we was in his chair.

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