Ready... Fight

Katherine looked at the large bold man on the other side of the room. The pistol that she’d been given was small. She’s never used one before. How was she supposed fight with this?
Her heart started beeting faster as the other guy came walking towards her obviously ready to fight.
"Wait... wha-" before Katherine could finish what she was about to say the guys Boot landed right in the side of her hip. She let out a loud scream in pain which only made the other guy chuckle. Katherine was sure something inside her had shattered if it was her hip or her curiosity she didn’t know.
So this was it. This was for real. She knew this was all a horrible idea. But she couldn’t turn back now.
The pale bold guy looked about ready for another strike when Katherine pulled herself together and ran to the other side of the large room ignoring the stinging pain in her hip.
She didn’t understand why he would injure her like this if he could have just shot her with his pistol which looked much more dangerous than her own. It would have been quicker... but it must all be about impressing the audience.
She looked over at the man with the top hat watching everything closely. Then her eyes moved towards the guy who was slowly approaching her again with a grin. "Common girly. Have a little fun."
Katherine remembered the time she killed that guy in an alley way next to the old factory. She’d never thought much of it. Never regretted a single bit of it.
Climbing around on the buildings of the factories all her life she’d become pretty fast and in control oh her actions. Maybe this could be of a use to her.
Katherine doged the attack of the other guy which made him collide with the hard stone wall. She used this time to get behind him. She raised her pistol and pulled the trigger... or was it the trigger? What did she just do? The pistol didn’t budge.
"Shit!" Katherine swore and dropped the pistol. By the time she figured out how to use it she would have already been dead. So she was better off just sticking with her little rusty dagger which she knew some tricks on.
The other guy turned around and looked at her with glaring eyes. His nose was bleeding. His grin was gone.
Now he raised his pistol at her, obviously tired of 'having fun'. His grip on the rim tightened and his index finger wrapped around the trigger. A loud bang erupted and Katherine flinched in shock.
She couldn’t believe it.
He missed.
The bullet went right past her. Now it was Katherine’s time to chuckle.
"You can kick I give you that. But I‘m sorry to say that you won’t live to be able to work on your shooting." Having said that Katherine ran forward. Before the guy could even process what just happened she had already kicked the gun from his hand. Now it was just him, her and the rusty dagger still clenched in her fist.
Obviously trying to intimidate Katherine, the guy stood tall with his fists in front of his face. As large as he might have been, Katherine was much smaller allowing her to slide under his legs so quickly that it took him a second to ghasp what she’d done. Before he could do anything Katherine’s dagger was already against his throat. Showing no mercy she pressed, cut and then watched the blood shoot from his wound onto her hands.

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