Very Funny

Katherine stared at the letter in her hand. Who was it from? What was all of that supposed to mean? What position was it referring to?
After re-reading the letter over and over, Katherine finally came to the conclusion that this must all be a joke. Whoever gave her this letter surely just wanted her to humiliate herself.
"Ha!" she shouted into the distance. "Very funny. I get it! Ordering the Sunday special when it's not even Sunday. Hilarious." For a second she waited for an answer. When there was none she sighted. "I know that whoever this was is still out there! Come and face me you coward!" No reply. Only the sounds of rusty machines and pathetic people chatting in the distance, were to hear.
Katherine looked at the paper one last time before she stuck it into her pocket and entered the old coal factory.


When Sunday arrived Katherine found herself in the gold district looking around the plaza. She'd never spent much time in the gold district. What point was there anyway? All to find here were spoiled royals and more bratty people.
**What am I doing here?** Katherine though. She told herself that it was the money she was after and that was it. But in reality it wasn't just that. All though she didn't like to admit it, curiosity always got a hold of her.
Well, it was Sunday. So if this was all just a prank, then at least she wouldn't embarrass herself to bits.
After way too much asking around and searching, Katherine was finally standing in front of the little building. A large sign told her that she was standing in front of 'the rusty pipe'.
Inside she was overwhelmed by the smell of dust and old paper.
"Quite a shop for the gold district ey?" Katherine half joked half insulted. She looked up at the the man behind the counter who didn't look so amused.
Katherine cleared her throat. "Umm... I'm here for the... Sunday special?"

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