“Klark miles???”
Troy called, a young man stood up
“In here please...”
Troy showed him to a seat opposite to chief Larce.
Ambrose handed her his resume, she glanced over it for a second then looked Ambrose straight in the eyes.
“I see you have previous experience in law enforcement... in Loran...”
“Yes, for two years...”
Ambrose said.
“Why did you leave?”
“I moved to Arell”
“Fair enough... you know how to use a pistol?”
She asked. Ambrose nodded.
“Good you got yourself a job. Salary is ten silver an hour, you will be sleeping in the barracks for now.
Troy showed Ambrose out and gave him back his resume. He pointed him towards the barracks and told them that he would be taking orders from Sargent miller.
“Report to Miller when you’re ready, he’ll give you your uniform, pistol and sow you around.

Katherine was already in the barracks, the interview process must have been held before Ambrose. Made sense, the factory district is closer to the Sanctuary district.

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