Initiate #2

Vinth knocked on Ambrose's door, a few seconds later, when the door opened, Vinth held a letter in Ambrose's face. he let go of the letter, it fell for a split-second, then Ambrose caught it. he looked at the letter.
"Hello Ambrose,
one of my associates tells me that you are quite gifted in my favorite form of art.Of course, unable to ignore such potential, I had to see myself. But to be honest, I thought you would be better off. A man with your...skill set should not be some low level mobster,if you are interested in doing something meaningful, fun or just want some cash, come to the plaza in the Gold district before Monday, and ask for a person by the name of Cameron, he operates a small shop called 'the rusty pipe" go up to him and ask for the Sunday special, no matter the day.

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