Group 14 + Agnes

“There you two are”
Sargent miller said annoyed, there was a young woman standing beside him.
“This is Agnes Ziel... she will be in your team from now on, you’ll work together and hopefully won’t make any trouble for me.”
He handed each of them a pistol, and showed them the lockers, where they could change their uniform. When they were done, Sargent Miller was gone, instead Troy was there. He smiled and gave each of them a bronze badge.
“Here are your badges...since we are low on personal, we need you in the field. You three will be driven to the Red district. We have reports of drug smugglers in one of the houses, we need you to NOT engage, but find out wich building they are in. Agnes, the truck is outside, please help the driver do the routine checks...”
He waited till she was outside then came in closer.
“The head of that ring NEEDS to die...I want you two to Kill him without letting Officer Ziel know...if you are compromised, run for the green district, hide there and return to Vinth.”

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