Blending In

When the mission finally began Agnes had a different air about her, she was meticulous and thorough, serious even.
"This looks like a 'plainclothes' situation" she mumbled under her breath to herself.
Agnes removed her newly obtained police jacket and cap. She first took the badge and put it into her pocket, rolled up the coat, and placed it into the truck.
Now her outfit consisted of a simple black shirt with white sleeves and suspenders, which she had dirtied slightly from a small puddle nearby.
Agnes had learned this tactic from her father, a way to blend in better so that people aren't alerted you are a police officer.
Agnes forced her normally cheerful way of walking to a more hunched and dreary stride.
As she walked around she saw a few questionable people, but for the most part they payed her no mind.
It pained her to see the poverty, sure she had seen some pretty bad stuff, but never to this degree.
As she went through the floors of the apartments she searched. The walls were a dingy off-white and the paint was starting to peel. Most of the doors were open with nothing noteworthy inside. Sometimes she would see the occasional family or a decrepit old man.
She tried not to gag as she saw a dirty middle-aged woman throw a bucket full of foul-smelling mystery liquid out of a window. For once she was happy that she didn't know.
If a door was locked Agnes would check that no one was watching and she would put her ear to the door and listen.
Suddenly, she heard a yell of frustration sound from the door just in front of her, bringing an end to the monotonous search.
Looking at the door she noticed that it had three small stars engraved into the wood. Cautiously, Agnes brought her head to the door.
She heard a deep gravely voice that caused her heart to begin beating faster.
"So you're trying to tell me that Tuesday's shipment is missing?" one voice said, trying to stay calm but the the words still seemed laced with venom.
Seconds later another voice was heard, it sounded younger.
"Yes, Sir"
"As in you guys just LOST IT?"
The voice sounded like it's patience was quickly drawing thin.
"Well, I g-guess Sir, yes"
"you 'g-guess'? DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A GAME TO YOU?!"
There was a loud thud.
Both voices died down for a while after that, but Agnes heard an annoyed sigh.
The gravely voice spoke again, but this time it was much quieter, like he was talking to just himself. She had to use all of her concentration to hear it.
"A whole shipment of cocaine... This is going to cost me"
With that Agnes removed her ear from the door, she didn't need to listen in any further. The walked herself back to the truck where they were supposed to meet back at after 30 minutes, replaying the conversation in her mind all the while.
Agnes looked at her co-workers with a serious look that was fast fading. "Well, ladies and gentlemen I believe I have found the place we're looking for" she announced with a smile.
"It's the third apartment on the right, Second floor, Apartment #27"

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