Finish the job

Katherine looked from Agnes to Ambrose.
She’d come back early after that filthy street woman tried to intimidate Katherine. Well at least she thought she’d been early.
She looked only through two houses. One of which was completely abandoned and the other was a weapon shop. She didn’t know how long exactly she’d spent looking at all the shiny blades and pistols of the shop, but when she strolled back to their meeting spot, Agnes was already there, looking more victorious than ever.
Now Katherine didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t let the backup come and take the targets away before she and Ambrose could finish the job.
Why did Agnes had to find them? she thought annoyed.
Katherine couldn’t believe she was actually going to do this, but since Ambrose didn’t seem to be thinking of anything, Katherine took the matter into her own hands.
“That’s great!” Katherine turned towards Agnes faking enthusiasm. “But I think you want to check out what I found.” Katherine linked arms with Agnes and led her into a random direction. “Common’ I’ll show you.” Katherine almost cringed when she heard herself.
“Finish the job,” she whispered to Ambrose when a he and Agnes staked past him.
Katherine wasn’t sure exactly where she was leading Agnes, but as long as she could keep her away long enough for Ambrose to kill their contract unnoticed, they should be fine.
She just hoped that Ambrose would be quick. She would have rather done it herself, but she didn’t know how to get rid of Agnes first if she did.
After all Ambrose seemed like a tough guy. He could take a few drug dealers. And if he couldn’t... well a scar or two would do him good.

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