All's Well that Ends Well

Swearing under his breath Ambrose raced to the apartment Agnes had pointed out, dagger just itching to be used as his fingertips grazed it. He entered the building, taking two steps at a time, and found #27 at the end of the hallway. Being careful, he placed his ear against the door. He heard groaning, lower than him, most likely someone on the floor, and a voice muttering. It grew louder.

'Shut it or I'll knock you out again. Unless you tell me where the shipment was lost.'
'I don't know...'
A loud thud followed. Fearing the door may be locked Ambrose braced himself and charged the door with his shoulder. It broke off its hinges in one blow. A short, bald man faced him, surprised.

'Who the fu-'.

In one swipe Ambrose laced the knife across his neck. He sputtered and choked, falling to his knees and dying seconds later. Ambrose knifed the unconscious guy in the heart for good measure. He wiped his blade on the bald man's shirt, then made his way back to the meeting spot, pleased with himself but apprehensive. He hoped everything went to plan.

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