Free Time

The recruit trio hadn’t returned for a good hour or so, the Sargent was getting nervous. After his third panic attack the Sargent finally asked Troy to go see where they went. Troy got into a police car and went on his way to the Red district.
Upon arrival, Troy noticed the trio standing quite noticeably at a street corner... in silence.
“Why haven’t you three reported back yet?” Troy asked.
“The driver left and said that he would notify the precinct.” One of them responded.
“And the drug dealer?”
Troy looked at Katherine and Ambrose.
“Found him?” Agnes responded, while Ambrose tapped his dagger a few times and nodded.
“Good. I’ll have the Sargent arrest him while you three are off duty... you can sleep, eat, practice or just roam the city. But tomorrow at 6 A.M sharp, you all have to report in. We’re in charge of security for a parade in the gold district... the Major will be there... and he’s not very popular...”
Troy told them to get into the back and returned to the precinct.

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