Friday Special

Ambrose called to his father that he was going out. The only reply that returned was a wave through the door to the study. The Gold District was a good hour walk away, and Ambrose most often refused to go there, however, he'd heard the rumors, the whispers. This letter was a game changer. Seeing as how his father had been robbed almost every night for the last week, Ambrose needed a game changer. He shifted his goggles over his eyes and made his way.

Along the road, he purchased his fathers favourite candy to help ease the pain of the last week. It was a hard boiled candy, lemon flavour. His dad said it reminded him of Ambrose's sweet mother. He gulped hard. She'd been dead almost three years at that point.

The Gold District was loud and busy, and Ambrose hated it. Noise made him angry. Flare up. He raced the final stretch to 'The Rusty Pipe' and stepped inside the shop, air thick and musty.

'Cameron?' he called out. Not a single head was raised in response, yet a hand behind the counter waved him over.
'What can I do for you young man?' Cameron asked.
'I'm here for a Sunday Special.'
Cameron cocked his head to the side and gave a sly, cocky grin. 'A Sunday Special? Why it's Friday young man.'
'Don't make me look stupid, you know what I'm talking about.' Ambrose's voice had a hint of ice. Cameron looked shocked.
'Well if you insist...'

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