katherine was excited about spending the rest of the day however she liked.
She thought about all the things she could do. Browse the beautiful shops of the golden district, have lunch, maybe take a long nap in the baracks. She’d never sleped in a real bed before. This was more exciting than she would have thought.
She was just about to get back into the truck to drive back to the station, when she saw an annoyingly familiar face in the corner of her eyes.
With a sigh she told the others to drive away without her. It seemed as if she still had some unfinished business in the red district.
She turned and faced the woman that had been death staring her from a distance. She was leaning against a red brick wall. It was the woman in the potato sack.
“What do you want?” Katherine exclaimed moving in closer. She took a step and another. By the time she was almost there she regretted ever having taken a step in the first place.
Coming from the alley next to the wall were three large, dangerous looking men followed by a tattooed woman. “What is this?” Katherine backed away a step, not feeling as confident now that there were five of them.
The woman in the potatoe sack grinned. “You still owe me that dress.” She pointed at Katherine with a long bony finger.
“I don’t owe you anything but a dagger in your heart.” Katherine spat and pulled her blade from her boot.
“If that’s how you want to play.” The woman said, looked at her friends and then added “than that’s how we’ll play.”
In less than a second the three guys and the other woman pulled pistols from behind their backs and pointed them at Katherine.
“Shit,” she mumbled to herself.

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