Going for a run

When Agnes arrived back at the police station she looked around for a few seconds in childlike wonder. She still couldn't believe that she was going to be working there.
The bubbly feeling finally overtook her, she had to go do something very important.
Agnes turned around quickly towards Ambrose, giving him a salute.
"It was good working with you. I hope we become friends. But until then, see you tomorrow comrade"
She tuned back around and with a spring in her step and smile on her face, she began walking home.
As Agnes approached her home, she made note of the light shining through the window. Agnes approached the familiar door of the house. The door was the only thing that looked different from the other houses of the street. It was a welcoming mahogany door with a red stain and a glossy finish. Unique from the other houses, on the transom of the door there was a brass image of a Landseer dog standing proudly.
When Agnes pulled the handle, opening the door she was greeted by the faint smell of bread in the air. She took off her shoes, placing them on a mat.
Agnes just stood in the doorway, waiting as she heard scuttling and slow footsteps coming from upstairs.
A slightly hunched figure slowly descended the shaded stairs, stepping into the light at the bottom.
The woman had long, dark brown hair that was formed into a tight bun on the top of her head. It didn't take much effort to see the streaks of grey jetting out. Her eyes were a pale green. like two sprigs of basil in the snow. Even though they were wrinkled there was still a sheen of warmth and liveliness behind her eyes.
The woman seemed to light up as soon as she saw Agnes.
"Hey mom. As of today I'm part of the police force", Agnes said in a more mellow tone than she usually took with others.
Her mother came over to her and wrapped her in a hug. "I knew you would, you're going to be great" the old woman gleamed.
Finally, releasing her from the hug her mother looked Agnes up and down. Only a trained eye could see the beginnings of a tear forming in the woman's eye, before it was quickly wiped away.
"You're so much like your father..." Agnes' mother began, "Stubborn with too much energy" she finished with a chuckle.
Agnes let out a hearty laugh.
"Speaking of too much energy, I better go for a run. I can't be slacking off on my training just because I got the job! See ya! Promise I'll be back before dinner!"
Agnes gave her mother a quick peck on the cheek before she put on her shoes, and darted out of the door.

"Ugh... What am I going to do with that child?"

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