Motivational Speech

It was 6:30, Agnes, Ambrose and Katherine were waiting for the Police Chiefs for half an hour, when she finally stumbled in with a bottle in her hand “Ok, listen up...Thanks to you three we found the drug dealer... He was dead, but the details don’t really matter... you did the job and got me out of some paperwork, so we’re good....”
She paused to take a sip from her drink.
“You guys... protect the mayor... I... I... need a nap...”
She turned and walked into her office.
Troy covered his face with his left hand and shook his head. He sighed, straightened up and said.
“Just Walk next to the mayor for half an hour, the senior officers are gonna do most of the work... but if you do see something that is out of the ordinary, just tell me, I’ll be walking right behind you...for the most part.”
He sighed.
“You have an hour to get ready. Meet me in the gold district marketplace at 10 A.M sharp”
He turned, opened his flask and took a sip
“It’s gonna be a long day...”

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