All beat up

Katherine was quite. She watched as the drunken chief stumbled out of the room. Inside she was slightly giggling, but outside... she was staring at the ground.
The group in the red district had gotten her pretty bad. She’d managed to get away after killing the two women. But before she climbed onto the nearest roof, the three guys had her on the ground. Two of them holding her down while the other kicked and punched her with a kind of force she’d never experienced before. She only got out later when they were about to shoot her. She’d used the last of her strength to twist both guys arms and kick the other in the stomach. Her climbing skills came in handy afterwards. She jumped from building to building until she outclimbed them.
Today she tried to cover up her scars and bruises with a brown jacket that she 'borrowed' from a guy in the factorie. All though she knew that her face still looked like she climbed out of hell itself, she just hoped no one would notice.
When Troy finished explaining the instructions, Katherine quickly stalked off to the barracks before anyone could take the time to look at her.

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