Once Agnes arrived back at the police station the next day to hear the team's next mission she realized Katherine's injuries. She told herself that maybe she would as another time. Though she wanted to see if she was okay, she chose not to say anything right then, because the girl's body language screamed "Don't you dare question me about this!"
Even so, that did not quell her concerns for her new teammate.
Agnes was nervous, very nervous. She was thankful for the opportunity to keep watch over the mayor. It didn't help that this was only her second mission either. Agnes stressed about what to wear and what to do exactly. She just hoped that she didn't do anything too stupid.
Agnes changed into her ordinary policing attire. She did change up some things for the occasion however, she wore her hair cleanly swept to one side and had on some small Lapis lazuli earrings that her mother always said looked good with her eyes.
She took a brief look of herself in the mirror.
"Well that's about as good as my hair is ever going to look. I hope I look good enough to even stand close to someone like that"
After giving herself a mental speech telling her that she looked halfway good, Agnes met at the spot she was told to go.
Upon arrival the girl saw Ambrose first. She smiled brightly.
"You look good" Agnes complimented, half because it was how she felt and half because it soothed her nerves to talk to people.

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