Katherine wore her usual clothes. In the time she’d been wearing the brown dress she was able to get some of the dirt and blood stains washed out. She really didn’t care what she looked like when facing the mayor. Her job was to protect him and not to impress him. All though even if it was, she wouldn’t have cared to. She had no feelings whatsoever about the mayor. The people from the factory had different opinions about the man. Some loved him and some hated him. Her and Quinn never really picked sides. They had better things to worry about. Things like where to find themselves dinner.
Once she was finished getting changed out of her now bloody brown dress, she joined the others at the meeting spot.
She got a good look at the two and couldn’t help but notice how nice they were dressed. Were they supposed to dress up after all? Suddenly Katherine felt a little underdressed. But of course she wasn’t going to show it.
"Ah... you look... nice..." she nodded at Agnes. She then turned to Ambrose "didn’t know you could clean up at all," she mocked and then turned to lean against the nearest wall, avoiding anyone’s eyes. "Didn’t know that the mayor is a frickin King either," she mumbled to herself.

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