Curiosity... No Money

Katherine stared at the dark staircase ahead. This all seemed much too suspicious to her. Maybe it wasn't just a prank. What if someone was actually trying to hurt her?
"This is a joke right?" She asked and turned around to look at Cameron, but he wasn't standing next to her anymore. "Hello?!" She shouted into the direction she thought he might have disappeared into. There was no reply.
"Alright then." Katherine mumbled and took the first step. She bent down and quickly pulled the little knife out of her boot... Just in case. With the little rusty weapon clenched tightly in her hand, she slowly walked down the stair case and took a left like Cameron told her to.
Finally after what felt like way too much time, she reached the end of the long hallway. Right in front of her eyes was a large door. Each corner was decorated with dark blue flowers that have been painted onto the old wood.
Katherine was aware of the risk she was taking. After all she was in the gold district. Who knew what these people wanted to do with some filthy girl from the coal factory. Anything could be behind this door. Literally anything... but still she found herself knocking on it. Gently at first. When no one opened it, her knocking became louder. It reached the point where she thought the old wood might crumble under her fist. In the back of her head she knew that she shouldn't be this gullible, but curiosity led her to do things she normally wouldn't... no, no not curiosity, the money. It was definitely the money driving her. Only idiots are curious. And Katherine was no idiot now was she?

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