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Summary: Leader of DR-1 aboard Destiny

Benjamin Cooper

Gender: Male

Age: 30's

Group: Stargate Command

Nationality/Home Planet



Lieutenant Colonel

SG Team Designation (SG, AR, DR)

Destiny Recon 1 (DR-1)

Physical Appearance

A black man with short hair and a kind face. He has an athletic build and is rather quick.


Typically a warm and humorous person, his time on Destiny has left him somewhat weary and dour.


Joined the Air Force originally to escape a boring life in a small town. Cooper proved himself a capable officer and was quickly taken into the Stargate Program and spent many years on SG-13.

After being promoted to Lt. Colonel he was offered a position on the Destiny Expedition once the Langarans were convinced to allow the use of their naquadria-powered stargate. It was a one-way trip, but Cooper was eager to help the stranded Destiny crew. He now operates as the leader of Destiny Recon Team 1 (DR-1).


Main firearm: Heckler & Koch UMP
Sidearm: Beretta 92FS
Secondary Sidearm: Zat'nik'tel


Cooper has developed a tendency to not fully follow military protocol since arriving on Destiny. He will usually encourage people to simply call him by his nickname, "Coop" if referred to by rank. However he will straighten up when around superiors who are visiting via the communication stones.

He tends to favor using his Zat gun in most confrontations. This is partly because he's open to nonlethal approaches to combat, yet will defer to lethal force when no other option presents itself. It's also because he wants to be mindful of the limited ammunition on board Destiny despite semi-regular resupply drops from Langara.

He is a fan of Monty Python and will often quote lines from films such as Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

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