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Summary: Leader of SG-1

Kevin Miller

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Stargate Command

Nationality/Home Planet



Lt. Colonel

SG Team Designation (SG, AR, DR)


Physical Appearance

Average looking man, doesn't stand out much from the rest of the SGC.


Quick witted yet somewhat terse. He is a competent leader befitting of leading the legendary SG-1


Born in Boston, Miller was quickly making his way to becoming a football star when his father died from cancer. The death left him questioning his decisions in life and he soon decided to join the Air Force and follow in his father's footsteps. He flew numerous combat missions, flying F-302's aboard the Daedalus for many years.

He was eventually promoted to Lt. Colonel and given command of SG-1 after Cameron Mitchell was promoted and put in charge of the latest 304 starship.


Main firearm: FN P90
Secondary Firearm: Beretta 92FS
Backup weapon: Zat'nik'tel


Miller is a man of action and doesn't appreciate nonsense. He'll often defer to violence if someone sufficiently angers him. Usually resulting in his team needing to be his voice of reason.

Miller is an avid football fan and has actively made an effort to introduce the game to off world cultures. He currently coaches a team of Jaffa in his off hours on Dakara, who often play against a human team led by Sgt. Siler.

Miller enjoys listening to ACDC, and carries an MP3 player with him everywhere he goes.

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Image of Kevin Miller
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