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Summary: Sodan warrior and member of SG-1

Malak of Shuran

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Jaffa

Nationality/Home Planet




SG Team Designation (SG, AR, DR)


Physical Appearance

A tall man with a perma-frown.


Malak is a skilled warrior of the recently revived Sodan. He values honor and integrity above all. He suffers from a serious anger issue which he tries to control and often fails to do so.


Born on the planet of Shuran when it was under the control of Lord Yu, Malak rose through the ranks and was on the fast track to becoming Yu's first prime until he began to suspect the Goa'uld were false gods. He defected and became a member of the rebel Jaffa.

After the Goa'uld and Ori were defeated he opted to help rebuild the Sodan people, and quickly became one of their fiercest warriors.


Mini staff weapon
Sodan cloaking device


Malak is prone to fits of anger when provoked. He is greatly embarrased by this fact and meditates to try and keep his anger in check. However when faced with a great evil he is want to face it head-on despite the consequences.

He greatly respects his fellow team members, yet doesn't actively show it and will often tease them for being "lesser" in skill to him. This is usually done in jest, or to encourage his friends to reach their potential.

He is a fan of Bugs Bunny who he believes is a "cunning warrior."

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Image of Malak of Shuran
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